Welcome & Congratulations

Welcome to the First Orange Dragonfly Teaser Retreat!

Our promise to you is that you will leave here with a new sense of PURPOSE that aligns your mind, body, spirit, and business like never before.

What to bring:

Pack as if you are going to summer camp:

  • Bring a pillow and sleeping bag or bed linens
  • Comfortable clothes. In January, temperatures are around 65 Degrees Fahrenheit for the high and 42 Degrees Fahrenheit for the lows
  • Comfy Shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Prescriptions and any medically necessary items you may need for a week

What not to bring:

Part of the experience that we are going to be doing is balancing your doshas so there are a few things that

  • Alcohol or Drugs – it isn’t allowed in the park and part of the experience is to balance your doshas
  • Snacks – I want to scream about this one too but we will be providing snacks that have been approved by our specialist
  • Attitudes – We are going to be asking you to think and do things that may be different or uncomfortable for you. We ask that you take a deep breath, try for the week and take what works for you back into your life.
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