Finding Balance: Jediism, Tantra, Pride and Authenticity (Part 3) – Building Your Force of Pride

Finding Balance: Jediism, Tantra, Pride and Authenticity (Part 3) – Building Your Force of Pride

Finding Balance Part 3

Hey there, Force Fam! We’ve ignited our blue lightsabers of self-expression and explored the power of Jedi mindfulness and the subtle energy channels, the Nadis. This Pride Month, let’s turn our focus to building a strong and supportive LGBTQ+ community!

Compassion: The Light That Binds Us

The Jedi Code emphasizes compassion for all living things. In the LGBTQ+ community, compassion means understanding the struggles faced by our fellow travelers, standing up for each other’s rights, and celebrating our unique journeys.

Boundaries: Protecting Your Galactic Family

Healthy boundaries are essential for self-care and maintaining healthy relationships. Jedi teachings emphasize non-attachment, which can be seen as setting boundaries around your emotions and energy. This allows you to give your best self to your chosen family, while protecting yourself from negativity.

From Hidden Bars to Radiant Sanctuaries: A Legacy of LGBTQ+ Community

Historically, LGBTQ+ people have found solace and connection in spaces like hidden bars, where they could be themselves without fear of judgment. These havens played a crucial role in building community and fostering resilience. Today, we celebrate the evolution of these safe spaces into vibrant and inclusive centers.

Building Your LGBTQ+ Sangha

The word “Sangha” refers to a spiritual community. In the Jedi tradition, the Sangha is the Jedi Order itself, a network of support and guidance. For LGBTQ+ individuals, finding a supportive community is vital. This could be a local LGBTQ+ center, an online forum, or a group of friends who understand your experiences.

Creating a Force of Pride: The Orange Dragonfly Center

Imagine a vibrant network of LGBTQ+ individuals, a Force of Pride that uplifts and empowers each other. This community would celebrate self-acceptance, creativity, and compassion, echoing the values of both Jedi teachings and Tantric practices.

The Orange Dragonfly Center strives to be such a space. We are an inclusive community empowering everyone to live centered in their Truth and express themselves authentically. We offer workshops, retreats, and online communities designed to foster self-discovery and belonging, drawing inspiration from many different areas including the latest in neuroscience, Jedi wisdom and Tantric practices.

Let’s Build Something Beautiful Together!

This Pride Month, let’s join forces and create a radiant and inclusive LGBTQ+ Sangha. Share your stories, support one another, and celebrate the beautiful tapestry of our community.

May the Force be with You, Always!

P.S. What are your experiences building a supportive LGBTQ+ community? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s continue fostering a safe space for open dialogue. The Orange Dragonfly Virtual Center welcomes you on this journey of self-love and belonging.

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