Do You Pray?

Do You Pray?

Do You Pray?

One of the things that I really resonate with following Jediism is that there is no dogma on how we practice our faith. I have practices that blend from my Christian upbringing, Pagan/Wiccan/Naturalist followings, and Taoist leanings and quite frankly no one cares. So when someone asked me recently, “Do you pray?” it stopped me for a moment.

I mean, of course, I pray, right? I am a licensed cleric. It is what we are supposed to do.

I half-assed something because in that moment I was put on the spot and then I got to thinking. I really don’t pray. Why is that?

Growing up, I was heavily involved with a Baptist church. I learned that God is love, Christ is the light of the world, and that good boys go to heaven. I did A.W.A.N.A.S. and the Wired For Life Programs, Orchestra, Choir, and the young pastor’s program where I continually won preaching competitions. I had a full-ride scholarship to Bob Jones University. Even then, I didn’t always feel comfortable with praying in a formal sense. I would say thank you and ask for blessings, but it wasn’t as formal as others I had seen.

Then when I left the church, I didn’t know what was going on. Then calling forth energy as I was studying Wicca, or spellwork isn’t really the same as prayer. Then finding a connection with the Universe or Force doesn’t quite feel the same. I meditate, I tap in, I set intention, I send energy but when you find yourself being the living embodiment of that which is greater prayer in the traditional sense doesn’t quite feel right.

When someone else prays, I tap into Force, merge with the energy that can bring forth that prayer, and allow that vibration to sing through me. It might not be the same thing but it ultimately serves the same function – to focus energy toward an intention.

So I am very curious to hear from you all…

Do you pray?


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  1. Jennifer J Jones says:

    This was good for me to read this week. I’m noticing this week that the church I’ve been attending… Their beliefs aren’t resonating with mine. They pray for life to go their way instead of asking for the power to get through it. They think the King James version is great, but I think it was written to create a patriarch culture…
    This article reminds me that when I’m with a community that prays with me in a way I can connect, I feel a sense of belonging in this universe.
    When I pray when I’m alone I feel unconditionally loved and a sense of peace and safety

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