Finding Balance: Jediism, Tantra, Pride and Authenticity (Part 1)

Finding Balance: Jediism, Tantra, Pride and Authenticity (Part 1)

Finding balance

Hey there, fellow travelers! JP Adkins here, Founder of the Orange Dragonfly Transformational Center and Temple of Jediism. As a gay man, I know the struggles of religious trauma and the yearning for a deeper connection to ourselves and the world. This Pride Month, we embark on a journey to explore how Jedi teachings and Tantric practices can empower us to find balance, embrace our true selves, and celebrate with vibrant authenticity.

The Force Within: Kundalini’s Spark

As Jedi, we believe in the Force, a conscious energy field that binds the universe. Tantra introduces us to Kundalini, a potent energy said to reside at the base of the spine. Here’s where it gets fascinating: I believe Kundalini isn’t separate from the Force, rather its embodiment within us. Think of it as the inner spark of our creativity and authenticity!

Shanti & Shakti: The Dance of Duality

The Jedi Code emphasizes the Light Side: serenity, compassion, and knowledge. But the Force has a flip side – the Dark Side – fueled by anger, fear, and hate. Tantra uses similar concepts: Shanti, the peaceful, moon-like energy, and Shakti, the dynamic, fire-like energy. Just like the Force, these aren’t good or bad, but aspects of a whole.

Breaking Free from the Shadow’s Grip

Religious trauma can leave us feeling stuck on the Dark Side, afraid of our Shakti or “fire.” But the Jedi way, like Tantra, encourages breaking free! We acknowledge the Dark Side exists, but we don’t let it control us. We learn to channel the fire of Shakti healthily, using it for passion, creativity, and setting healthy boundaries. This empowers us to live authentically, embracing all facets of ourselves.

Nonduality: One with the Force, One with Ourselves

Both Jedi and Tantric philosophies emphasize nonduality. The seemingly separate Light and Dark, Shanti and Shakti – they’re ultimately two sides of the same coin. Just like the Force flows through all living things, our “light” and “dark” energies are interconnected. Embracing this allows for a deeper connection with ourselves, fostering self-acceptance and the freedom to express our true selves with pride.

The Takeaway: Celebrate Your Authentic Self!

The Force (or Kundalini) isn’t some external power. It’s within you, a wellspring of potential and the key to living authentically. By acknowledging both the Light and the Dark (Shanti and Shakti), we can find balance and create a life that celebrates the beautiful tapestry of who we are.

Next Time: We’ll delve into Jedi mindfulness practices and how they can unlock your inner powerhouse of self-expression. Stay tuned, and remember, the Force is strong with you!

P.S. This Pride Month, let’s create a supportive space for open dialogue. Share your experiences and questions in the Orange Dragonfly Center Online Community. The Orange Dragonfly Community welcomes you, especially gay men exploring self-discovery and inner peace through the lens of Jedi teachings and Tantra.

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