Is Your Worldview Stuck in Elementary School? Here’s How to Upgrade

Is Your Worldview Stuck in Elementary School? Here’s How to Upgrade

Is your view of the world stuck in the past? Learn how childhood experiences shape your perception & unlock a freewriting exercise to upgrade your thinking for greater clarity & purpose.

What if I told you the playground shaped your entire worldview, and you’ve been unconsciously collecting evidence for it ever since?

 Remember the sting of being picked last in gym class? Or the nervous sweat of a school presentation gone wrong? These childhood experiences, along with countless others, became the building blocks of your worldview. But here’s the fascinating twist: the law of focus plays a crucial role in how these experiences solidify your perception.

 Imagine your worldview as a giant stained-glass window. Each vibrant color within the window represents a core belief or value shaped by your upbringing. Now, picture the light of life streaming through this window – the situations and people you encounter every day. Here’s where the law of focus kicks in. Just like the colors in the window, your worldview dictates how you perceive this light.

 Let’s say a dominant color in your window is a shade of fear. Thanks to the law of focus, you might unconsciously seek out evidence that reinforces this fear. A missed bus becomes a confirmation of an unreliable world, while a stranger’s frown reinforces the belief that people are unfriendly.

 But the good news is, the law of focus works both ways! By becoming aware of the colors in your stained-glass window, you can start to adjust them. Let’s explore how a free-writing exercise can help you do just that, and ultimately, reshape your worldview to illuminate your life with greater clarity and purpose. Are you ready to take a peek behind the glass and see the world in a whole new light?


Here is a simple exercise to discover your worldview

Now, for the key part: the free-writing exercise. Remember, the goal here isn’t to edit yourself, just let the first thing that comes to mind flow freely! Grab a pen and paper (or open a note-taking app) and set a timer for three minutes.

Complete the Sentences:

  1. The world is… (Let your first thought about the world flow onto the page)
  2. People are… (Describe your general perception of people)
  3. I am… (Who are you at your core?)

After the Exercise

Once the timer goes off, take a deep breath and reread what you wrote. Look for patterns, recurring themes, and any judgments you might have made. This raw, unfiltered writing can offer a fascinating glimpse into your current worldview.

Reshaping the Window

This is how you’ve been looking at the world, unconsciously gathering evidence to support your view. But what else can be true?

Take a moment to write down a new statement that reflects a more positive or empowering perspective. This could be something like “The world is full of possibilities” or “People are inherently good.”  Place this statement somewhere you’ll see it every day – a sticky note on your mirror, a screensaver on your phone. By actively seeking evidence that supports this new perspective, you can start to reshape the colors in your stained-glass window.

Remember, the law of focus works both ways. With a shift in focus, you can transform your perception and illuminate your life with greater clarity and purpose. So, are you ready to take a peek behind the glass and rewrite the story of your worldview?


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  1. Jennifer Joy Jones says:

    Brilliantly written. I like that you said to set a timer because it gave me the urgency I needed to answer… Though it took a moment to ground myself to just answer without thinking about it too much

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