The Third Knowing: Unmask Your Success – A Soul’s Song, Not Society’s Trophy

The Third Knowing: Unmask Your Success – A Soul’s Song, Not Society’s Trophy

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For the last couple of weeks we’ve embarked on what I believe is a sacred quest, uncovering the secrets to a life that resonates with your deepest self, one that is creative, authentic, and  – a True Awesome Life. In the first week, we embarked on a journey of introspection, peeling back the layers to discover the essence of “Who You Are” – your authentic self, a radiant spirit untarnished by societal expectations. Then, we of “What Your Purpose Is,” which hopefully ignited the spark, that inner calling, fueling your every action and imbuing your days with profound meaning.

Now, we arrive at the Third Knowing: Unmask Your Success – A Soul’s Song, Not Society’s Trophy.

Society often dangles glittering, yet hollow, promises – the corner office, the picture-perfect family, the overflowing trophy case. But these external markers often leave the soul yearning for something more. This isn’t about fixing a pre-defined script; it’s about co-creating a masterpiece with the Divine – a life aligned with your purpose and reflecting the unique melody your soul longs to sing.

Defining success on your own spiritual terms liberates you from the external noise and clarifies the sacred essence of who you truly are. The clearer you become on your purpose and your authentic self, the easier it is to bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

Let’s shed the pre-programmed notions and delve into the canvas of your spirit. Here, we’ll envision your ideal week – a week where your deepest desires harmonize with your purpose. Forget about escapes built on fleeting pleasures; this is about grounding your vision in a reality that nourishes your entire being – a life you may not have dared to imagine yet. Whether you’re just starting your journey or well on your way, this exercise holds immense power.

  • Take out a piece of paper
  • Take a moment to envision each day and write out what you see
  • Here are some prompts to help you:
    • When you wake up on Monday morning in your perfect life, what does it look like? Imagine the details vividly. For example, I see myself waking up in an RV or a cozy cabin, debating between the two. I make a pot of coffee, stroll down to my office area, and embrace the comfort of casual clothing. I connect with my family, whether in person or through virtual calls. I engage in meaningful meetings with my staff and facilitate transformative classes. I schedule tasks and take pleasure in learning new things like yoga. Throughout the day, I enjoy nourishing food that energizes me. And at the end of the day, I revel in an amazing fire, symbolizing a sense of accomplishment.
    • Now, let’s explore Tuesday. Is it similar to Monday, or does it hold different experiences?
      • Do you wake up in the same place, or do you travel?
      • Consider your team, your workspace, your meals, and your accomplishments.
    • Move on to Wednesday, the midpoint of your week.
      • What goals are you working towards?
      • What inspires you to keep going?
      • Who are the individuals you connect with?
    • Continue this process for Thursday and Friday, visualizing your workspace, your team, your achievements, and your moments of celebration and fun.
    • As you reach Sunday, the end of your perfect week, reflect on how you pamper yourself and seek inspiration.

How do you feel about yourself and the life you’ve created? Does it help you feel into your purpose and connect deeper to yourself?

Remember, success isn’t a one-size-fits-all trophy. It’s about discovering what resonates with your soul, crafting your own definition of a life well-lived, and manifesting it authentically with the power of conscious creation.

Embrace the journey, trust the unfolding of your divine plan, and watch as your unique version of success, a symphony conducted by your soul, takes center stage in your life.


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